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Organisations and the people within them experience times of growth, uncertainty and change, often as a result of external events and influences. Whatever the reason adapting to changing circumstances requires a fresh look at underlying assumptions and our individual responses to the environment.

At a personal level coaching gives you time out from your everyday routine to reflect and consider your next steps. Working in partnership with a coach you gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics between yourself, other people and the wider organisation. Coaching helps you understand influencing factors, set meaningful objectives, experiment with new behaviours and discover new opportunities for growth. Over time coaching can improve your ability to manage risk and intuitively make decisions even in times of change and uncertainty.

At an organisational level coaching supports development of management and leadership skills, particularly where individuals are moving into senior roles, taking on new responsibilities or seeking to improve performance. Coaching represents a commitment to career progression and provides individuals with an independent sounding board and a source of feedback without conflicts of interest. One-to-one coaching can be tailored to individual needs and significant organisational events, such as restructuring or promotion.

What is coaching?

Coaching provides a safe and confidential space to explore areas that are important to you. You might be looking for personal growth and learning, support with a transition in a professional or personal context, or simply want to achieve clarity in a complex situation. Through increased awareness of ingrained patterns of thinking you can begin to challenge and stretch your boundaries of knowledge and experience. I encourage you to think creatively and work with your intuition to solve problems and overcome barriers to progress.

I practise from a humanistic foundation, bringing a fresh and enquiring mind to each conversation to facilitate learning and build confidence. As an independent coach I have no preconceptions or conflicts of interest and offer feedback based on my direct experience of you, the client.

Should coaching not be appropriate to your needs, or if you require specialist advice or support, we would discuss this during the session but it would remain your responsibility to seek out further help.

Who needs a coach?

Coaching, either formal or informal, gives you time to reflect on events and situations. I offer an initial 30 minute session free, thereafter hourly rates start from £60 for private clients. Discounts are available on block bookings of 6 or more sessions. I adhere to a professional code of conduct and have received formal executive coaching supervision and training at Ashridge Business School.



Kavita Copas started out in management consultancy and has gained over 10 years of experience working in blue chip, small business and academic environments, mainly in consultative and management roles related to innovation and culture change. She has managed several organisational development projects, been responsible for the launch of new initiatives and supported growth of commercial functions within existing organisations. Kavita has also worked at the interface of academia and business to promote innovation through formal training, experiential learning and mentoring.

Kavita's move into coaching grew from an interest in social psychology and the way individuals operate in the context of networks and organisations. Her study of stagnant organisations has developed a deeper understanding of the hurdles to successful innovation. Analysis of emergent patterns in explicit and implicit interventions shows that barriers to progress include unproductive resource drains, shadow networks and an exaggerated fear of the unknown. She believes that coaching has an important role to play in helping organisations address these issues and enabling individuals to channel their creative potential.

Born and educated in Scotland, Kavita now lives in London. She holds a PhD from the University of Southampton and a BEng from the University of Glasgow, other interests include photography, writing, reading and being outdoors.

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Recent coaching and consultancy clients include a large UK charity, Metropolitan Police, NHS, academic institutions and individuals. View more experience.

"We covered a lot of ground over a few focused sessions tailored to practical applications and longer term thinking. Already Iím seeing positive results in the workplace" - executive coaching client

"Kavita was very helpful to me when I was moving on from a previous job. She listens well and draws out important issues/direction with targetted questioning" - career coaching client


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